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After the worldwide success of The World Book of Happiness, editor in chief Leo Bormans has spent two years studying the international scientific research on love. He succeeded in engaging the most brilliant scientists and unexpected newcomers to describe in their own words what we finally know about love. They explain the system and unveil the mystery. Their words will probably hit you like Cupid’s arrows. But remember, Cupid is the son of the gods Venus (love) and Mars (war). His arrows are dipped in both sweetness and conflict, in both harmony and misunderstanding.
Meet yourself and the ones you love in the mirror and the window of this book.

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  • Video: Leo Bormans talks about Love, Happiness & Hope

    — di 21/02/2017

    Leo Bormans tells you why there's no reason not to try being a bit of an optimist. ➜ ...

  • Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo

    — ma 22/04/2013

    Last week “The World Book of Love” was launched in Brussels and Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo invited me for lunch. He was so taken with the book that he immediately decided to give it as a present to all his ministers. “More love in the world can only be a good thing,” he said. In a previous existence Di Rupo organised the “Film Festival of Love” in his home city of Mons. ➜ ...

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  • 195x250mm|360pages
  • ca. 83,000 words
  • full colour illustrations
  • flexicover with flaps

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About the book

The World Book of Love. The secret of love.

If we were to erase the word ‘love’, 90 % of books, films, magazines and songs would disappear.

We are searching for it in our houses, on the streets and on the internet. In the morning and at night. Google offers in a single second 8,930,000,000 results for our quest on ‘love’. That’s more than double what we find for ‘sex’. And still, a deadly silence follows when you ask people to express something worthwhile, crucial and essential about the concept of love.

Though cultural differences occur, love itself has always existed. It is universal and can take many forms. It is an extremely powerful emotional state. But we all know: the fire doesn’t burn forever. Up until recently the topic was not allowed to be studied at universities. (“Why should we spend money on researching something stupid like love ?”) Times have changed. Worldwide, thousands of sociologists, psychologists, anthropologists, neuroscientists, therapists and sexologists are studying interpersonal relationships and the how and why of romantic love. Their research brings us closer to the heart of humankind.

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“We express love and communion by connecting our bodies.”

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About the author

Leo Bormans is global Ambassador of Happiness & Quality of Life. He is a writer and an inspirator. He has a master in languages and philosophy and is the author of the international bestsellers “The World Book of Happiness” and “The World Book of Love”.

“The World Book of Happiness” has been sent by European Chairman Herman Van Rompuy to all leaders of the world (including Barack Obama) as a special New Year’s gift in 2012. Kofi Annan received a copy while he addressed, together with Leo Bormans, the international youth conference Hope XXL, which has been inspired by the book.

In 2013 “The World Book of Love” has been offered by the Prime Minister of Belgium, Elio Di Rupo, to all the ministers of his government as a symbol for a warmer society.

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“You need to love someone a lot to be able to leave them alone.”

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  • ‘I am deeply honoured to make a contribution to The World Book of Love. I can think of no better use of my time.’

    Professor Paul Zak, USA – nicknamed “Dr. Love”

  • ‘Sexual education in the schools of many countries is woefully inadequate, but the situation for lessons about love is even worse. Let this book be your guide.’

    Emil Ng Man Lun, Ching – received the Gold Medal in Sexology from the World Association for Sexual Health

  • ‘My contribution to this book is intended as my last professional article. It is the best possible thing I could do. May The World Book of Love inspire everyone in the world.’

    Professor Ellen Berscheid, USA – received the American Psychological Association’s Distinguished Scientist Award

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International Editions

Dear publisher,

Do you know that positive feeling that you sometimes have as a publisher, when you create a book you fully believe in? A book that tens of thousands of readers love, a book that even influences social debate through its main themes? Well, that was the feeling we had when The World Book of Love was published. We succeeded in engaging the most brilliant scientists and unexpected newcomers to describe in their own words what they ultimately know about love and encouraged them to share their conclusions with the general public.

We are convinced that the The World Book of Love can also be an interesting publication for you – and one that will bring you joy for many years to come.

Maarten van Steenbergen,
Director Publisher general non-fiction

  • A record of worldwide scientific research on love
  • German and French rights sold
  • Full of practical advice
  • Science presented in an appealing, accessible manner
  • More than 200,000 copies sold worldwide of The World Book of Happiness
  • The World Book of Happiness was translated in 7 languages (English, German, French, Korean, Slovenian, Japanese and Taiwanese)


For further information please contact:
Liesbeth De Bruyne, International Co-editions & Foreign Rights Manager

Gunther Spriet, Export & Foreign Rights Manager